Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Awesome 80s Run

Ryan and I ran in a fun race this past weekend. It was an Awesome 80s 5K. Honestly, we had signed up because the finisher medals were SOOOOO cool, but don't worry, we had a blast along the way. The night before the race we had to go pick out our outfits. We went over to Target and Ryan found a 'YOLO' shirt (he had been saying it while we were in Hawaii, so it was extra perfect for him) and I just grabbed a plain black shirt that I cut up "80s style".

The morning didn't start off too great - I had some 'stomach issues', we hit a piece of metal on the expressway and then my 'low tire pressure light came on (assuming it was a flat tire - which we found out after the race was not - just a coincidence that my tires were low and that we hit something while driving), the parking was about a mile from the race, etc - but once we made it to the starting line we were all good.

I decided that I wasn't going to run this race for time. After the last 5K that Ryan and I ran together and I didn't finish with him, I decided, if he is going to make the effort to come and run with me, then I am going to make the effort to finish with him.

I was so proud of him. He ran the whole thing and even beat his time from the last 5K we ran together. And yes, we got our AWESOME medals!

And we are excited for our next race, which is this upcoming Saturday - The Color Run. I will definitely post some pictures from that one as well, I just need to figure out how to protect my phone/ camera so that it doesn't get pelted with all of the 'color'.

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