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DLand Secrets

Graveyards at Disneyland? Weird Finds at the 'Happiest Place on Earth'

When you visit Disneyland this time of year, it's easy to get distracted by the abundance of Christmas lights, decorations, holiday parades and costumed characters.

But look carefully around the theme park and you just may discover a few hidden things that give Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom a little bit of a wacky edge.

Californian Christopher Strodder knows all about the "secrets" of Disneyland, as he's been to the amusement park dozens of times throughout his life.

He's such a regular, he's even written a book called "The Disneyland Encyclopedia" (Santa Monica Press), an unofficial guide to everything there is to know about the iconic playground.

You may be distracted by the holiday lights and decorations at Disneyland this time of year, but if you look closely, lots of weird secrets are waiting to be discovered all over the iconic amusement park.

Strodder told AOL News that one of his weirdest discoveries while researching Disneyland was finding out just how many graveyards are actually scattered throughout the park.

Yes, graveyards.

"There are six or seven graveyards at Disneyland that can be easily seen if you take the time to look around. Four at the Haunted Mansion, including a pet cemetery, and one in the Storybook Land canal boat ride during the 'Alice 'n Wonderland' part. There's also a graveyard on Tom Sawyer Island," Strodder explained. "It's really odd, if you think about it, that there are so many tombstones at 'The Happiest Place On Earth.' "

Strodder -- who often visits Disneyland just to walk around and check out the sights without going on a single ride -- said visitors might also be surprised to learn just how many "hidden Mickeys" lurk around theme park.

If you look closely, he said, you can see Mickey's head on just about everything -- from countertops at restaurants and walls and bushes around the park to even more subtle Mickey heads arranged in knots on ropes at lines for rides.

"Nothing at Disneyland is ever accidental. Everything, even the hidden stuff, is put there so that guests will take notice and enjoy the details. Almost everything in the park has a backstory," Strodder said.

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