Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free Prescriptions

On the way home from geo caching this afternoon we stopped over on CVS to pick up one of my prescriptions. It is $40 a month and I do NOT like it! I had called my refill in on Wednesday, so it should have been ready to go on Thursday. When I went in I gave them my last name, she pulled it out, and told me the normal "$40". I paid and then we went to Ralphs to get some soda for the house. When I got home I took the prescription out of the little paper bag they put it in and I noticed it was a little thicker heavier than normal. I poured it out on the counter and there was 2 prescriptions in there! I thought 'Score', I just got 2 months supply for 1 co-pay. Then I opened them up and one of them was mis-packaged by the producer and there was 2 sets in on package! DOUBLE SCORE! I got 3 months supply for $40... A savings of $80! I am sure it will never happen again, but how cool!!

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Anonymous said...

grrrr..... now you just have to forget to take them...hehehehe :^0