Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Days

I had posted last week (or maybe the week before) that Ryan took a new job with Tilly's, as a graphic designer. His last day with Sole will be this Friday. It worked out nicely for him, so he will get all of his vacation time paid out to him in his last check. He will be starting with Tilly's when we get back from the honeymoon so he won't have to use any vacation for the honeymoon with them.

I gave my notice last Monday. When I told Jonna that I wasn't planning on coming back after the wedding she talked to Kyle (the president) to see if there was any way of keeping me. They did some brainstorming and came back to me with a few options (4 10s so that I would be driving the 50+ minute commute one less day a week, possibly giving me a slight raise, possibly filling up my tank with gas once a week to cover some of the travel costs, etc). She told me to discuss it all with Ryan and get back to them. With all of the moving and such I hadn't given it so much thought (but thought I knew what I was doing from the beginning). Yesterday I went to Jonna again and let her know that it wouldn't work out for me. Economically it would make more sense to do 4 10 hour days, but that would be put me out the house for 10 hours working, .5 hour lunch, and then 1.5-2 hours of travel time, which would put me at 12-12.5 hours. I think I would last about a week or so before getting super burnt out. So officially my last day here will be August 14th (I am taking a half day so that I can meet my family when they fly in for the wedding). I will get all of my vacation time cut to me as checks on my final day (which will be nice that I will be able to deposit it and everything before we head to Fiji).

It was a hard decision for both of us to make (we have been describing it as breaking up with someone and they had no idea it was coming), but I think it will be best for the future and our relationship. We both are looking forward to what the future holds and are so excited to start our lives together as a married couple.

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