Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hair Chop

This morning I went in and got my hair chopped. I cut off about 10 inches and have already shipped it off to have it donated and made into wigs for cancer patients. I took a few before and after shots, so that you can see the difference. Now the after shots are not 'done', I had just gotten back from the salon so hadn't washed it, dried it, etc.

I gave the stylist these two pictures to go off of (after she cut off the hair to donate).

My main requests were I wanted to be able to tuck the shortest parts behind my ears (so not too short) and hopefully get some of it in a ponytail for when I am working out and running.



Oh yeah, and the quality of picture isn't the best because I don't have a camera at home right now (Ryan has the good one in Australia), so I am taking the shots with the computer camera...

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Looks great! Thanks for doing this :)