Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Month 1

I would consider Month One of training successful. My main focus of month one was to get in a routine. I know that once I start scheduling working out into my daily routine that I will be more likely to continue it. Every work day (expect for 2 Fridays since I only work half days) I walked 2 miles on my lunch break. Starting the second week of January I started making the gym a three-times-a-week routine. I am keeping a rough count of my workouts (time and distance). I show, on top of the normal activity we do on the weekends, I walked approx 37 miles, biked approx 49 miles and ran approx 23 miles. Now I know this isn't HUGE, but it is consistent. I wanted to start off slow, A. so I don't hurt myself, but also B. because, like I mentioned before, I was more focused on the running/ working out/ training stuff as a HABIT. I still have eight more months before my half marathon (which seems like plenty of time to work up my milage). Wish me luck :)

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Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!