Friday, April 10, 2009

Car Payments

WHOO HOO!!! Ryan and I decided to pay off my car today!! We had the money to pay it off, and decided we would rather pay if off than keep paying the high interest. YAY!!! One more thing off the list. We figured it would be easier in case we ever want to sell it (then we would actually have the title in hand), move, etc. Instead of just spending the money that we had been putting toward the monthly car payments we are going to set up a regular transfer from our checking to savings, since we are already used to not seeing that money in our checking, to help us increase our savings. It feels nice to have NO DEBT now!! I finished paying off my school loans last year and now we have paid off my car!! WHOO HOO!!! PRAISE GOD!! HE PROVIDES!! We are so blessed in what He has given us to watch over for a few years!!

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