Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No Shoes

Today I went ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES to stand united with TOMS. This is my 4th year doing this (I think). Not too many people asked me about it this year though, probably because we work about a block from the beach (so they are used to people walking the streets without shoes) and because I don't wear shoes in the office normally. I did have to use the public restroom numerous times, walk over to the UPS store to drop off some packages, etc all with nothing protecting my feet. The reason is to spread awareness and to feel yourself what it is like to be like one of the millions of people in the world that does not have shoes, even if for just one day.

One Day Without Shoes

We know that so many people have needs of all kinds today, at home and abroad, whether they are related to the economy, family or friends, health or well-being. Regardless of your cause or your passion, we hope that One Day Without Shoes inspires you to think about the world in a different way, and to believe that even one off-beat idea can bring people together to create something positive.

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