Monday, November 11, 2013

REVIEW: Nathan Performance Intensity Race Vest

A few weeks ago I had won a Nathan Performance Gear Sweepstakes that was put on by Fit Approach. The winners won an Intensity Race Vest.



I have to say, I was BEYOND EXCITED! I had been eye-ballin' a couple hydration packs that I was thinking about putting on my Christmas list this year. Ryan and I have been doing a little hiking lately, so I thought it would be PERFECT for our adventures. (Normally we bring water bottles in a backpack, which works fine, but since we use reusable bottles, they tend to be a little heavier. Not to mention most of the time we have to stop, get the bottles out, take a couple sips, put the bottles back, and then start walking again. Being able to just sip WHILE ON THE GO is AMAZING!!)

This weekend I was finally able to use out the vest.

On Saturday we were going to a friend's son's flag football game that was about 7 miles from our place. We decided we would RUN to the game and then take the train back to the house. The one "issue" was that the "course" was just about ALL UP HILL! We live about as close to sea-level as possible, so obviously most places are 'up' from us, but man, it was a tough run. I kept telling Ry - "It will only make us stronger" and he kept saying "I am running for donuts" (since our friend was bringing donuts to the game). It was GREAT having water with us (normally I don't run with fuel or hydration - but let me tell you how CONVENIENT it is!). 

THUMBS UP for hydration! PS I LOVE Public Transportation! 

Then on Sunday we went over to Elfin Forest for our "E" Date (we are dating through the alphabet!) to hike the trails. We ended up doing about 6-7 miles, which wasn't too shabby, especially since we had our wiener dog with us :).

Here are a few pictures of me with the vest on:

Action shot while running

I have to say, I think I am SOLD on this hydration pack. It is really PERFECT!

It holds 2 liters of water (we probably only drank about 1 liter between the two of us on our Saturday run and our Sunday hike, so I KNOW we could do much longer workouts without having to worry about hydration). It has a female-specific shape (ergo-shaped chest straps and higher back positioning designed specifically for a woman's shape - I give the size and shape two thumbs up, especially for being a "smaller" woman). It has 2 rear zippered storage compartments (so not only can it hold your hydration, but we put our phones, keys, protein bars, etc in the bag as well). It has a 3-way propulsion harness, which allows the pack to move with your body for maximum in-motion comfort. It has wall mesh shoulder straps and a back panel channel that allows for airflow and wicks moisture away for maximum breathability, temperature control, and sweat reduction. There are reflective details on the bag, which helps to keep you SEEN and SAFE. There is a zippered pocket on one of the straps, which would be great for things like fuel on a long run. There is also a pocket made of Power Stretch Mesh that is large enough to for a 22 ounce bottle (we thought it would be great for an extra bottle of water for the pup) - although I used it for my iPhone on our hike, that way it was readily available to get photos.

I am SO THANKFUL that Fit Approach put on this Giveaway and that Nathan Performance sponsored it.

Make sure to follow Fit Approach on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And you better do the same for Nathan Performance with their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

I cannot wait to continue using the pack (hey, maybe you will even see me rockin' it in some of my race photos soon :) ).

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