Friday, February 28, 2014

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walt Wednesday

I figured today I would post some of the CUTE videos of Walt over the last two weeks. He loves playing at the park and going for hikes with us. Shoot, who am I kidding, he just loves being with us.... But who wouldn't?! {HA, JOKES!}

(PS I do now realize that I should probably hold the phone the other way so I fill the screen... Next time...)

Ry said that he has actually "slid" before, but this time he just ran down the slide... Ryan blamed it on the video taping :)

Ryan LOVES to have Walt climb this tree...

Walt LOVES the car... And even if it is freezing out, he wants to windows down. He would rather be chilled to the bone, shaking uncontrollably, but "free" in the wind.

Like I mentioned, Ryan likes to take Walt across trees...

Ryan wanted me to get a "Walt view"....

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dating ABCs: R

This past weekend Ryan and I did something for our date that we haven't done in a while.... ROCKED OUT!! Don't get me wrong, we "ROCK OUT" in the car (and in the house) OFTEN {most of the time it includes me holding something and using it as a microphone}, but this was legit ROCKING OUT!!

Sunday night we went down to the House of Blues in San Diego for a concert - YAY! I used to go to shows all the time (in high school I was quite the Punk Rock Princess), but as we got older and the crowds got younger (along with the ticket prices getting higher) we have stopped going to as many concerts.

We were stoked when we found out that some of our friends (who are EXTRAORDINARILY talented) were actually opening for one of our favorites. We KNEW we just had to hit it up!

little hurricane opened the show - and they were AWESOME!! Tone and CC ROCKED it!! Ryan has know Anthony (well, that's what we know him by :)) for probably 7 years now. We knew him when he was still in an older band, when he got his pug Jedi, prior to him meeting CC (who he found on Craigslist - how amazing is that?!), and before they created the band, started touring and making it HUGE. {I consider having a song on Gossip Girl and on a Taco Bell commercial making it BIG} He came to our wedding and even helped with the sound for it (yup, we DJ'ed our own wedding, pretty funny, huh?!).


Tone and CC doing their thang!

CC even has a chandelier in one of her drums - AWESOME! 

{PS little hurricane just announced, this morning, dates for the tour THEY ARE HEADLINING!! Tickets go on sale Friday, so you better grab yours then!}

The headliner was John Butler Trio. Ryan and I had seen them before (actually when we saw them last it was John along with two other band mates...) and loved it. (Funny story, we saw them at 4th and B, it was pouring out and the ceiling was actually leaking all over the place. We normally don't get much weather in San Diego, so apparently the roof hadn't been checked in a while, which lead to it raining inside.) Ryan and I even danced to JBT for the first song as a married couple at our wedding!

So talented!

{This video is only about 15 seconds because the guy in front of my kept getting in the way and I got annoyed ;)}


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Monday, February 24, 2014

REVIEW: CoCo Hydro

I wore my RunnerBox tee out on this morning's 4 mile run, so I figured I might as well review one of the products I received in my most recent RunnerBox - it's only fitting, right?!

I want to preface this review by stating I LOVE WATER! I know some people think it is "boring" or have to "force" themselves to drink it, but thankfully this is NOT me. I can drink it from morning to night without an issue (okay, maybe my bladder has a slight issue with it ;) ).

In my most recent RunnerBox I received a packet of CoCo Hydro, which is a plant-based electrolyte drink mix. I got the Pineapple flavor (but also have Lemon Lime Sport from a different shipment that I have yet to try) - which I was stoked about (love me some pineapple goodness). I normally don't like "coconut water" for some reason. Maybe it is that I would rather have plain water or maybe it is just the brands I have tried in the past. I know coconut water has GREAT hydration benefits {naturally occurring nutrients of zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium}, but I guess I have never really found one that I love enough to trade it in for my standard H2O.

I decided I would mix up the packet before heading out on this morning's run and put it in the fridge (another thing about me - I love my liquids EXTRA COLD - the more ice and the colder, THE BETTER!). I noticed right away how GREAT it smelled. It was like a tropical island right in my kitchen!

I went out for my four miles around 10am, so it still wasn't too warm yet, but was probably in the mid-60s. If you know much about you, you probably know I sweat... A LOT... so even if it isn't extremely hot I still need to make sure I am hydrating.


When I got home I grabbed my mason jar out of the fridge, snapped a picture, added a few ice cubes, and gulped it down. A few things I noticed - 1. It still tasted like coconut water (this can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether this is something you enjoy), 2. The pineapple flavor was a lot more fragrant than tasteful (meaning I smelled it a lot more than I tasted it - in my opinion I wish I would have been able to taste it a little more, but understand that you are still trying to make sure it is a natural, healthy hydrating drink - not something like a fruit juice that has a strong taste but full of sugars and extra additives), and 3. The flavor was fresh tasting and had little-to-no after taste (which is different than other coconut waters that I have tasted in the past).

Like I said, coconut water isn't my go-to hydration station, so I probably wouldn't buy this on the regular, but I also didn't hate it (which can be a big thing in my book). If you enjoy coconut water, than I would definitely recommend giving CoCo Hydro a try. If coconut water isn't your jam, then I would probably suggest passing, seeing as it is still very much that - it has water from 2 coconuts per package.

As always, if YOU would like to try RunnerBox and have the opportunity to try out the CoCo Hydration (it is in the February/ March box, so if you order it now, it should be included in your shipment) AND THEN SOME, make sure to use my ambassador code to get 10% off your order!

Is coconut water your jam? Do you prefer "plain" water or some other form of hydration?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Workout Recap - Week 8

Sunday, February 16th – California 10/20 Race with the hubby, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, February 17th – 3 mile run, an hour and a half of CURLING, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Tuesday, February 18th –  Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs)

Wednesday, February 19th – 6 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Thursday, February 20th 19.75 mile bike ride, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Friday, February 21st – Rest day, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Saturday, February 22nd Women's Running Series Half MarathonFoam Rolled & Stretched

What a BIG week this was. I ran over 32 miles, had two races (both of which I PR'ed in), and even tried CURLING for the first time in my life. I would say this week was a SUPER SUCCESSFUL one!! 

How were your workouts this past week?