Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hot Chocolate PROMO Code - Update!

I have to say, I am fairly disappointed in the Hot Chocolate Race Ambassador/ Blogger program. It seem as though we signed up and the program was explained one way, and now the rules continue to change...

If anyone was planning on using the COUPON CODE I provided a few weeks back ('CMcDotMug' for a FREE Travel Mug that you would pick up at the Expo), it is NOW ONLY valid for the San Diego races...

I am sorry to all of my non-local friends. (If you are looking to run at one of the upcoming events that is NOT in San Diego - Columbus Nov 17 // Phoenix Dec 8 // St. Louis Dec 15 // San Francisco Jan 12 // Atlanta Jan 26 // Dallas Feb 8 // Nashville Feb 15 // Seattle March 2 // Philadelphia April 6 // Minneapolis April 19 - I would STRONGLY suggest that you do a little searching of the internet for an ambassador in that city and use their PROMO CODE - because unfortunately as of yesterday, my code is only valid for the March 23rd, San Diego races).

If you used the code prior to yesterday, November 14th, during your registration, the code will still be honored, but from here forward it will NO LONGER WORK for any race location except San Diego!

Also, the code will STOP working 2 weeks prior to the race - meaning you will need to register and apply the PROMO CODE 'CMcDotMug' to one of the San Diego races (5K or 15K) prior to March 9th. **I know, rules and regulations are lame, but I just want to make sure everyone is aware so you can take full advantage of any of the free swag available!!

I guess that is what happens when you are in the pilot program... things change... Maybe the ambassadors have just been too successful spreading the word about their PROMO CODES and the Hot Chocolate folks weren't expecting it...

Oh well... I am still looking forward to the race!

A picture from last year's race (Finisher's CHOCOLATE)


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