Monday, November 25, 2013

Dating ABCs: G

Ryan and I had a couple of ideas for our G date. First, we were thinking we would go to a San Diego GULLS game, but unfortunately they were out of town this weekend. [DON'T WORRY, I AM SURE WE WILL MAKE IT TO PLENTY OF GAMES THIS SEASON.] Next, it had been a while since we had been geo caching, so we figured it would be a PERFECT opportunity.

"What is Geo Caching?" you may ask... Well, thankfully for you I posted a blog about it OVER 5 YEARS AGO. Check it out, with many of the FAQs here. [But the main idea is going 'treasure hunting' using latitude and longitude coordinates. Most of the time you are just signing a log book or swapping little trinkets, but the fun is in the 'hunt'.]

We actually got engaged while geo caching on February 16th, 2008. Check out my original blog post announcing our engagement here

We went down to the Crossings in Carlsbad because we saw that there were trails around the golf course that were open for hiking and biking AND there were 8 caches on the loops. 

Don't worry, we didn't see any snakes

The smiley faces were the ones we found

There were some AMAZING views from where we were at (and with the rain that we had earlier in the week it was extremely clear).

Walt even helped out trying to find a couple for us.

And some of the cache containers were AMAZING (don't worry, it was NOT live).

It was GREAT to GET out and GEO cache. We even found some 'art' that went along with our G date :)

We are now up to 427 found caches - isn't that crazy?! We were also able to replace one of ours that had been 'stolen'

Yes, our name is "RC Pirates".

One quick story before I close. So it has been raining the past week or so here in Southern California. I guess I assumed that since the paths were near a golf course that they would be paved paths. Little did I know they would be wet, hilly, and extremely muddy. We had been doing a good job at avoiding the large mud puddles, but we came up to a section that there was no way around the mud. We decided we would just have to cross our fingers and make our way through. Well, the mud was STICKY! I went first and about two steps in realized this was a BAD idea. I was actually wearing flip flops and with each step I was sinking further and further into the mud. I actually thought that I would have to leave a sandal behind because they were so deep and stuck, but thankfully we made it through. We ended up walking back with probably an extra 4 pounds of mud on our shoes/ feet. Walt did NOT like it. It reminded me of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs where Flint makes shoes that you spray on your feet. Walt's paws had a muddy sock on them. [I WISH I would have taken a picture of our feet or shoes or even the path we trudged through, but I didn't. It did keep us laughing for the rest of the afternoon though.]

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