Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dating ABCs: F

It has been a LONG while since Ryan and I have gotten dressed up. Normally we get dolled up for things like weddings, holiday parties, and.... um....well, I guess that is just about it.

This week I thought a GREAT idea for our dating through the alphabet would be a FANCY FRIDAY FEAST! Why not get dressed up and go out to a fancy dinner?! [I originally pitched the idea of 'Friday Night Lights / Football' to Ry, but he didn't seem to excited about going to a High School game... shocker!]

Well, of course we needed to find a restaurant that started with F and thankfully there was on near our house that we had wanted to try for a while [we had gone to it previously, when it was a different owner - a super sweet old man that used to come around and give hugs and scold your hubby for not holding your hand, but when he passed away a few years ago they sold the restaurant and a new family came in] - Fratelli's


We even called and got reservations! Something we haven't done in YEARS! No, we probably didn't need them, but hey, better safe than sorry on a Friday night. Not to mention, they joked and told use we were getting VIP seating when they took us to our table :) Special!


The food was SCRUM-DIDILY-UMPTIOUS! I got the Tortellini Pesto and Ryan got a Margherita Calzone. It was a little on the pricier side, but remember, we are used to less-than-fine-dining :). And to have an hour of focusing on one another over yummy food was well worth it!

Of course, any time we get dressed up, we need proof (since it happens so few and far between for us), so we tried to grab a couple shots before we left. **Word of warning - Ryan normally sets the self timer up so it takes A LOT of pictures, hoping that we get at least one decent shot out of the bunch... So there are quite a few pictures below:

One of my favorites... 


Trying to call Walt over to be in a picture... He was having NONE of it...

Ry tried to GOOSE me... How rude!

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