Monday, November 25, 2013

REVIEW: 1:Face Watch

I have to start off by saying - this was probably the company I was most excited to hear back from when I was reaching out to folks about potentially reviewing their products.

I started following 1:Face Watch on Instagram and was PSYCHED on what they were doing. If you have followed my blog for any period of time you know I LOVE giving back and I get SUPER STOKED when companies do the same!

I had been working with Sophia (SUPER SWEET by the way) and she asked me which cause I wanted to support. Man, I think this was the hardest part of the process. I finally decided on HUNGER (seeing as one of the main reasons behind my decision to become vegetarian was the effect meat and its industry has on world hunger).

The WHITE watch goes to feed 16 children in the Horn of Africa through 1:Face Watch’s charity partner One Day’s Wages. [[Although I called it a 'watch' - it is SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A WATCH - it is helping CHANGE LIVES.]]

I love that 1:Face Watch decided to quantify the donation that accompanies the watch – this way folks can know exactly what portion what their purchase is going towards as far as charity and giving back. For example, if you purchase one of the WATER watches, it will go towards building a well in Rwanda (one well takes 625 watches) or if you purchase one of the AIDS watches, it will go towards one month of treatment (1 month of treatment takes 5 watches).


I can't wait to start wearing this all around and taking pictures of my new #WristCandy. I mean who doesn't love an #ArmParty?!

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