Saturday, August 1, 2009

LCC - Breakfast Potatoes

This morning I put together another Lil' Chef Creation. My bosses are out of town and they always give me the food in their fridge that will go back before they get back... This time it was mini red skin potatoes, red peppers and red onions (well, there was a lot more stuff, but those were the few ingredients that I used in this morning's creation). I decided to make Ry a little breakfast before we headed out for our mini-day trip. See a few of the pictures below...

Red skin potatoes, red pepper and red onions. The potatoes were cooked in the microwave for about 5 minutes and then thrown in the 'skillet' with olive oil and the peppers and onions. I used Italian Seasoning, salt and black pepper. We put a little shredded cheese on the top when they were finished (and then Ryan used Tapitio and I used some Ketchup).

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