Monday, August 31, 2009

Wolverine Work Outs

Wolverines blow the whistle on Michigan's 'absurd' workouts

Before he even arrived on campus in December 2007, a small cult built up around Michigan strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis, an ex-mixed martial arts fighter known for his "raspy, drill sergeant's voice" and the pair of pet wolves he once kept at home. Taking over a program that had remained "in the family" for 40 years under Bo Schembechler, Gary Moeller and Lloyd Carr, Barwis followed head coach Rich Rodriguez from West Virginia and immediately ordered an overhaul for a weight room deemed unfit for the 21st Century -- the kind of thing, perhaps, that helps explain how ex-blue chip recruits could have possibly dropped a game against the likes of Appalachian State. The puke rate following even well-conditioned athletes' first encounters with a Barwis workout is said to be in the vicinity of 100 percent, and everyone who trains under him (including some ex-Wolverines and Mountaineers in the NFL) eventually seems to swear by the man.

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