Thursday, August 13, 2009

Promised Land

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We would like to tell the story of how Israeli surfers deal with the tension of every day life. The film will explore questions related to the specific realities of the Jewish people: How do they find internal and external peace? What role does religion and spirituality play? What role does the hope of Messiah play? How does surfing either help, or hinder the balance between the everyday tension in Israel and peace of mind and soul? Answers to these questions will be captured through the real life testimonies of Israeli surfers and the story of the Jewish people who are living in the land of Israel, both present, past and future:

• Many Israeli surfers have a relative whom either died or survived The Holocaust.
• Every Israeli surfer of age is either currently serving in the Israeli Defense Forces or has completed his or her service.
• Every Israeli surfer lives in a hostile land surrounded and threatened by others that do not acknowledge their right to live there.

The lens of surfing will provide an ideal backdrop to delve into these questions of identity.

Ryan has been helping with some of the stuff for the movie. Check out the trailer, the synopsis, etc here.

Promised Land Movie Trailer, Israel, Through The Eyes Of Surfers from WalkingOnWater on Vimeo.

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