Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ryan's Home

YAY! Ryan got back into town on Friday night. He went up to San Francisco for work on Thursday and Friday. They flew him up there, covered his plane ticket, rental car, hotel stay, and most of his food - how crazy. Why you ask? That is a question we are still asking ourselves, hehe. They went to Warped Tour for a few hours on Thursday and stopped by a few Tilly's on Friday, but other than that they did what they want... I guess it was a few days off (he just had to take it in San Fran). Well, anyways, he is back, which makes me happy!! Really the only time that he wasn't home was Thursday night, but still :). He took some pictures while he was up there, so maybe if he ever loads them to the computer I will post a link for them.

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Anonymous said...

i missed him 2!!!! hehehehe