Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burned Out

I have been burned out lately. Burned out with work mostly. I was telling Ryan about it and he said 'Take a day off'. I hate feeling like I am letting people down or disappointing people, so I normally don't call in sick, take extra time off, etc. I figured I would at least ask if they would be okay with me taking a day off (they are leaving for a 6 week long vacation on Thursday, so I figured if I wanted to do it I would need to do it soon). I asked and they were totally fine with it, so I will be taking Tuesday off as a Carlee Day. Not only is Ryan the bestest for suggesting to take the day off, but then he suggested 'Let's go to Disney Monday night since you won't have to wake up for work Tuesday morning'. OF COURSE! So I will be riding the train up to Irvine tomorrow afternoon to meet Ryan when he gets off from work and then we will be heading to Disney. YAY! Hopefully this mini vacation/ time-off will do me well :).


Anonymous said...

you go girl!!!! take care of carlee!!!!!!!!!!

cpm said...

My co-worker called it a 'Mental Health Day' and I will TAKE IT!