Monday, August 24, 2009

Snow @ Disney

I was looking up 'secrets' about Disney today (because I think it is fun to check out the little known facts while we are there) and I came across this story - so sweet. (And by the way, Ryan and I did see the 'snow' last winter time when we went - it is more bubbles and foam, but still super fun).

I was talking to a CM that gives tours. He was telling me little things here and there when he lit up and teared a bit. (I will never do this story the justice it requires so bear with me...)

The morning the Walt died he was supposed to lead the DL parade. Employees, not sure what to do about this called Mrs. Disney. Even though she was filled with grief, she said Walt would want things to go on, and decided to open the park as normal. So the park opened and things went normally. Some people knew of the death but others had no idea and lined up to see Walt lead the parade as normal. Mind you, weather at DL had always been tracked and recorded - not once had there ever been snow. Anyway, the parade started without a hitch. Employees went on and tried their best to keep tears from falling as the parade went on. Just about the middle of the parade, a strange thing happened... From the cold air and cloudy skies, beautiful white dust fell softly. It snowed. This had to be a sign that Walt was there and watching. Ever since then it has not snowed. But, as the CM I was talking to cried while telling the story, he said it was then made a point that snow would fall during the Christmas season to always remember Walts last touch on DL.

That story always gets me. So, there is a secret for you, with emotion.

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