Thursday, August 6, 2009

Greenest Cities

San Diego just missed the top ten, and is #11.

Top 10 U.S. cities of the future

Cities that are well-positioned for the future are making investments that will create healthier places to live and smarter environments for businesses. That's the basic premise of the Natural Resources Defense Council's Smarter Cities project, which ranks small, medium, and large cities every year based on a number of criteria from air quality to green space to standard of living.

Cities are often considered environmental problems, yet those on the NRDC's list are taking the lead in creating efficient, livable, and cleaner urban environments. And let's not forget that thriving cities can support more jobs with living wages.

The American cities that top the NRDC's list are investing in clean air and drinking water, public transportation, bike paths, city parks, athletic fields, energy-efficient buildings, affordable housing, alternative energy sources, and much more.

See the rest of the article and list here.

PS Have I told you that I would like a pet goat?!

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