Tuesday, June 9, 2015

RnRSD Pro Compression After Party

I know, I know, it seems like my recaps from the RnRSD Weekend are going on FOR-EV-ER... And maybe they are, but with as much fun as we had, it is hard to want it to end (but this is the last one, I promise)...

In case you missed the previous recaps, check them out below:

I left off with the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon Race Recap sprinting another 2 miles to the train station after cheering with the #WeRunSocial Crew so I could catch a ride back to Oceanside. Thankfully I was able to get there with no issue (and was actually like 20 minutes early, so I probably didn't need to run the whole way) and took the relaxing ride on the Coaster along the Pacific Ocean (I LOVE public transportation, especially with the views we are blessed with along the coast!).

I got back to my car around 1:30pm and drove home (we only live about 5 minutes form the train station so it was easy-peasy). I gave the hubby a kiss, told him a little about the race (donuts, tequila, #WeRunSocial crew, Olympians, etc), and jumped in the shower. Pro Compression was kind enough to be sponsoring a little informal Meet-Up in San Diego at 4 so I needed to get moving.

Source: ProCompression's Instagram Feed

I grabbed a quick bite to eat (I think it might have been a veggie hot dog) since the only substance I had in my belly was half a Krispy Kreme donut from around Mile 3.5 of the race and those scrumptious Dole Dippers (frozen pineapple covered in chocolate) that we got at the finish line (and I'm not even sure if you can call either of those "substance"). [REMINDER - I REALIZE I AM TERRIBLE AT FUELING. WITH THAT BEING SAID, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TAKING ADVISE FROM ME ON HOW TO FUEL PROPERLY FOR RACES ;)]

Once we had walked the pup and finished getting ready, we drove back down to San Diego (again) for the shin-dig. Ryan had learned from his aimless driving on Friday night trying to find a parking place that we needed to give ourselves plenty of time before the party actually started. We probably got down to SD around 3:30pm, but it took us about 15 minutes to find a spot and then walk over to Bootlegger (obviously you can pay to park downtown, especially with the Padres in town, but I would MUCH prefer the $20 we would give to a parking lot attendant go towards a race registration... #Priorities).

We were some of the first few folks to arrive and Sarah was still working with the manager to secure us a place to congregate. I introduced the hubby to everyone who was there at that point (since he had been MIA for the previous festivities due to a surf contest or sleeping in...) - YAY for putting faces to names ;)

The fun folks at Bootlegger were able to find us an area at the back of the bar to max and relax at. Pro Compression even provided us all with a free drink ticket and some yummy appetizers (there were BBQ wings, fried pickle chips and pretzels). Bad blogger - I should have taken some pictures of the grub, right?! Oops... Next time...

I know I am an ambassador for Pro Compression, so I'm sure you think I am bias, which I probably am, but they go ABOVE AND BEYOND! This gathering was open to ANYONE, not just runners or ambassadors or people who wear their gear. Everyone was invited and, even better, WELCOMED!

Anywho, we had a GREAT turn out!

It was a great time to be able to chat with folks to see how their race(s) from the weekend had gone, take tons of selfies, hang out with friends from across the country that you don't see nearly enough, and just share life together for a few hours.

We LOVE #WeRunSocial
Source: @WeRunSocial's Twitter Feed

This group... They are my FAVORITE!
Gina, Stephanie, me and Josh

Chattin' it up with AMAZING friends, yummy food and delicious drinks ;)
Source: Brian

Brian stole my phone and made his way around the party...

Ivie and I with a tad of Michael thrown in for good measure...

How much coolness can you jam into one selfie?

Everyone seems to be having a good time and I seem possessed ;)
Source: Ivie

Don't ask... Cause I don't know...
Source: Ivie

The stragglers... Sometimes it is just so hard to leave!

This is what happens when Brian steals my phone and hangs out with the hubby...

Brian and I were TWINNING hard all day and did NOT plan it!
Thanks for the "photo improvement" Andrea ;)

Honestly, it was EVERYTHING that #WeRunSocial is all about... Running and being social :) Imagine that! It was a great way to cap off the weekend (even if I did have to work the following morning at 4AM). Thank you again to Pro for being AMAZING and for letting us eat, drink and be merry at your par-tay!

PS In case you didn't know, Pro Compression is having their semi-annual sale (everything is 42% off and free shipping on orders over $20). If you have been interested in trying out the compression gear or just want to grow your collection, NOW is the time to buy! Start your shopping and use code "JUNE" at check out.

Have you ever tried Pro Compression gear before?


SD Mom said...

Love We Run Social, love Pro and love YOU!

KookyRunner said...

One of these days I hope to join all of you lovely people at a race, or PRO meet up! #EastCoastProblems