Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Progression Run

Today I was planning on doing another set of Yasso 800s at the local track like I did last week. Well, that plan went out the window when Ryan decided to drop the adventure-mobile off at the shop to get a tune up before our next trip. Since I work from home, I grabbed him from the shop this morning and then he took my car to the office - which left me without a vehicle to get to the track. Sure, I could have run to the school, but the hills to and from there are pretty killer and I wasn't really feeling it.

That was me TOTALLY making an excuse for opting
out of my track workout, huh?

I figured a progression run would be "good enough" for today's workout, so that's what I did. In case you aren't familiar with a progression run, it is when you start off slower and gradually build speed throughout the workout. 

I have a 5 mile loop by my house, so decided I would go out for a 5 mile run, trying to get each mile faster than the previous one. (And in all transparency, leaving my house has a bit of an uphill, meaning on the way home it is more of a downhill, which helps with getting faster over the workout.)

The elevation chart from today's run

I think the hardest part for me with a progression run is not the getting faster part, but starting off slow enough so that I have time to work with. You see, if I go out and my first mile is 8:15 pace, then I will have a lot harder of a time getting each mile faster than if I start off at say an 8:45 pace. 

Today's splits were:  

OH MY GOODNESS! Did you see that last mile?! It was under 7 minutes! I don't think I have ever run a full mile with a SIX at the beginning of it! HOLY CRAPOLY! Overall my pace averaged out to be 7:53/mile, which still isn't shabby for a bit of a hilly 5 mile run. 

Lately I have been trying to get more comfortable with my body (I guess after 30 years it's about time, right?!). Today I decided, what better way than to run in public half naked... Thankfully the June Gloom and humidity (I don't think it has been below 78% humidity in the past two weeks) kept most people in their homes today! I don't know if running in my sports bra did anything for my self confidence, but maybe it made me run that last mile faster so I could get inside quicker ;)

When I got done I was texting with Mr. Pavement Runner about my run (mostly because I was stoked about my sub 7 minute mile and because he normally points out my #NegativeSplits) and he happened to be heading out for a progression run, what a ca-wink-ee-dink! Little did I know he was going to use my text as motivation to SMASH his run and THEN make me blush on Instagram!


I don't know what I did to get so lucky with the group of friends I've got, but I won't kick a gifted horse in the mouth (or whatever that saying is...)! I am beyond blessed to be able to get out and run every day AND to have such an amazing support system around me to encourage me every step of the way!

Did you get a workout in today?

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Scarabocchio Girl said...

Super Carlee!! That progression run was great!!! I'm training for a half marathon, my first one...and yes, I'm in my 30's ,so why not? And why not wearing skirts, bras or shorts as you've done? Sometimes I'm asking myself the same stuff. I think I'll get 90 without wearing more skirts ahah! I need to change this ;)