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Sorry, but you will have to wait another day for my next installment of my RnRSD weekend because this is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!

I have said this before (and I am sure I will say it many more times), but I love running because of YOU! The people that running has brought into my life mean infinitely more than any medal or time on the clock will ever mean.

I know there are many causes in the world to be passionate about, and please don't think that this is going to be a drive-by guilting, but I hope you take a few moments and read about a family that is near and dear to my heart!

The night before the runDisney Avenger's Half Marathon I went out to dinner with some friends (hey, I will NEVER turn down a reason for carb loading); some I had met before and others I was meeting for the first time. One of those I hadn't had the opportunity to hang out with before that night was Dave of FitFam6.

Photo Credit: Pavement Runner

Since November, I have gotten to know him and his amazing wife, Paula, better. If you don't follow them on Instagram, you SHOULD (Family - FitFam6, Dave - 2ndStar, and Paula - PRVilladelgado)! They have FOUR wonderful sons and are raising them to love one another and running ;)

OMGeeeeee! Can these boys BE any cuter?!
Source: PRVilladelgado's Instagram Feed

Their youngest son, Asher, is turning two next week - YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!! The reason for this post is because of this squeezable sweetheart.

Source: FitFam6's Instagram Feed

When Asher was born, they noticed he wasn't reaching milestones according to his developmental age. After what seemed like forever (I can't even imagine), this little trailblazer was diagnosed with a Rare Chromosome 13 Deletion Disorder. It is so rare that case studies are very small and not much is known. What the doctors have told this family is that children with this deletion have cognitive delays, speech delays, are small for their age and underweight. They will not "catch up". All they know today is Asher is healthy and is learning new things (for example, he was just able to pull himself up to seated position as recently as last week {if you want to see a cute video of him doing this, check it out here}).

Even with the tubes he is still the sweetest babe, right?!

It just so happens that June 7th through 13th is Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week, which coincides with this babe's birthday! Paula and Dave thought this would be a PERFECT way to try and educate those around them (and I knew I wanted to help in any way possible).

Dave, Paula and two of the boys said HI while I was working the
Sparkle Athletic booth during the runDisney Star Wars Expo!

1 in every 150 children are diagnosed with a chromosome disorder, not all having physically identifying characteristics. Asher looks like a regular kid, so it is hard for others to understand why he doesn't talk, feed himself, is still eating baby food, doesn't walk, etc.

He's one happy boy!

I am hoping you will join us in being #Active4Asher to raise awareness and also teach acceptance and kindness for others. We may never know fully what another person's story is or what they are going through, so we MUST treat everyone with respect and the utmost kindness that we can!

Source: FitFam6's Instagram Feed

On Saturday, June 13th, please get out and get #Active4Asher, whether that is running, playing tag, walking around the block, doing yoga, going paddle boarding, etc. It would be AMAZING if you could capture that activity and spread the word via social media with the hashtag #Active4Asher.

If you will be in the Sacramento area, please consider meeting up with this fabulous family at the William B Pond Recreation Area to run or walk on the American River Parkway. They will be meeting at 9am on the 13th and would love for you and anyone you can bring to come along! They will even have a few giveaways for folks who use the #Active4Asher hashtag. To find out more about it - check out their recent blog post here.

I mean, honestly, don't you just want to give him a squench?!
Source: FitFam6's Instagram Feed

Asher's journey will help others in the future who are diagnosed with this deletion and for that we are forever grateful to him and his family!

How will you be #Active4Asher?

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