Monday, June 15, 2015

Disneyland Diamond Days

Last weekend Ryan went to a charity golf outing and won a Vans prize pack. There was a sweatshirt, pair of board shorts, a jacket, and a free pair of shoes. Seeing as he works at a shoe company, he decided he would be ever so kind and give the gift certificate for shoes to ME! Vans recently did a collaboration with Disney so I knew exactly which shoes I would pick! We went over to the mall on Friday and I was able to grab my preciouses ;)


After getting my shoes I realized I hadn't been to Disneyland in a while (the last time was when I went up and spent a couple hours in the parks with Jillian). It has been even longer for Ryan. I looked on my Disneyland app and we weren't blocked out for the summer yet (we have the SoCal Resident annual passes, so Saturdays, holidays, and most of the summer are blocked out for us, but hey, we get a big discount so we will take it - and we wouldn't want to be there with the hoards of tourists anyway ;)) so it would be the PERFECT time to head up for a day.

I hinted to Ryan a couple times throughout the day on Saturday that it would be AMAZING if we could go to the parks on Sunday... I even went as far as to lay out a #FlatCarlee before going to church Saturday evening and saying something like "Wouldn't it be so fun if I could wear this outfit at Disney?". Ry said we could go if our friends would watch Walt for us (that way we didn't have to worry about rushing home to let him out or anything) and thankfully they graciously agreed!

This is NOT my normal #FlatCarlee type picture :)

Like I have mentioned in my last couple posts, it has been HUMID around here lately (mostly due to the hurricanes down off the coast of Baja). I think the June Gloom and humidity helped to keep the crowds away for most of the morning. We ended up getting to the parks around 8:30am and it was pretty empty till about 11am.

Ryan told me "Today is your day" and asked me what I wanted to do. I said "TAKE CHARACTER PICTURES OF COURSE". When we got into Disneyland, most of the characters were already going in to take a break, so we went over to the Drawings of Disneyland exhibit to look around.

Such an awesome piece to celebrate 60 years!

When we came out from looking at the art the next group of characters were already at their limits (you know, when the cast member stands at the end of the line and says that you will have to come back when the character returns). Fine... Let's head over to the castle for a couple pictures I guess...

Minnie and the castle!

Some of the new decorations! Look at all those diamonds!


We figured we would go do Buzz Lightyear and grab fast passes for Space Mountain and then head back to the characters. Funny story. Ryan kicked my butt, like normal, on Buzz. When we went to email our photo, it said something along the lines of "Enter your initials". I thought maybe it was something new they added, but right before I pushed ENTER I realized it was because Ryan had the HIGH SCORE! Sure it was within like the first hour the parks were open, but still pretty cool (but lame that I "stole" it and typed in "CAR"... OOPS!). Oh yeah, and I swear I actually had a score, but for some reason it says ZERO!

Look, it even says "#1 RANK" on his score! YAY!

Once we grabbed our fast passes for Space Mountain we made our way back towards the characters. THIRD TIME'S A CHARM I TELL YA! When we got there, everyone was coming out and we were able to hop in the lines with very little wait. We were able to get our picture with Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

Ryan said "This one's for Walt The Wiener Dog"

Love that Ryan has to bend down so low and that you can see my tan lines
on my wrist from my Garmin watch...

I showed her my shoes and she LOVED them!


After the character shots we decided we would ride the train around the park back to Tomorowland so we could ride Space Mountain. Oh man, we haven't been on SM in a while (I normally don't like it when it is "done" for the holidays because there are more lights on during the ride and it seems like it goes slower), but MAN WAS IT FUN! We had a blast (get it?! like "blast off into space"?!)!

Normally Ryan is looking at the picture instead of the camera, so I told him
to look at the lens and THIS is what I got.... CREEPER!!

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of DISNEYLAND!

HA, Ry forgot where the camera was so said he held
this the WHOLE ride!

Then it was time for the WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS (another fave!). The crowds still weren't bad so although we didn't have a fast pass I think we only waited about 15 minutes.

Good thing we left ours home ;)

The humidity loves my hair - EEKS!


We figured we would head over to the petting zoo (Ryan loves the goats and George, the sheep, although he might be "out to pasture" since we haven't seen him lately...).

Not sure if you knew this or not, but Ryan is a
burrow expert ;)

Afterwards we figured we would walk towards the castle and over to California Adventure... that was until we saw THE BACKGROUND! Apparently there were some new backdrops throughout the parks for the 60th celebration. Obviously we stopped for a mini photoshoot!

After we finished the photographer mentioned there was another one over by the Matterhorn. Well, DUH, that was where we HAD to go next!


"Point to the top of the mountain"


Okay, enough with the pictures, it was time to head to California Adventure. Oh, wait, there is Peter Pan! I've gotta get my picture with him!

I thought Peter would LOVE my shirt... Instead he told me
that my anchor would sink me to the bottom of the water...
And that girls weren't that bright... :(

The first place we hit up at California Adventure was Screamin'. I mean, who doesn't love roller coasters?! (And thankfully we know where the camera is on this one so Ryan didn't have to ride the whole time waiting for his picture.)

Mickey's Fun Wheel! 

Crazy hair from the crazy speed!

Check out Sleeping Ryan ;)

Then it is off to the swings. I know they might be a little childish, but I LOVE THEM! It is like you are flying! And it is just long enough so I don't feel too queasy when it's done ;)

It is quite the silly symphony

My Minnie Mouse Vans were FLYING!

Oops... Guess my swing was in the way of this one!

I promise it isn't scary!

And I promise Ryan isn't stoned!

I had been trying to text with Leslie and Linzie so we could meet up, but either the service at Disney is terrible (which it is) and my texts weren't going through or they were ignoring me... While I waited to hear back from them we snapped a couple quick pictures (giving ourself Mickey EARS)!

I think hubby lined it up JUST RIGHT!

He took off his hat so he wouldn't have 3 ears ;)

I am one lucky lady! 

By this time the sun was coming out, the crowds were filling in, and the hubby was getting hungry so we decided it was best to head out (I still never heard back from L&L - MAJOR SADNESS!). On the way out we found another one of the fun backdrops!

Ryan said "I want it to look like he is eating me and you
are saving me by my hat" - What do you think?

Who doesn't love classic cars?! 


Oh, Disney, you are my HAPPY PLACE! And then hubby gave me a piggy back ride to the car ;)

By the time we got to the car we had walked over 5 miles in less than 4 hours. Not too shabby for a "rest" day :)

Do you enjoy theme parks? Where is YOUR happy place?


Unknown said...

You saw my goat friends!!! So happy about that!!! That was basically the first thing I wanted to do when I went to DIsneyland in April!

Unknown said...

You two are seriously adorable. I can't wait to get in to see all the 60th fun!

Silvia said...

Yay yay yay!!! It's amazing!! :D