Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I wasn't sure if you guys were getting sick of my reviews on the PROBAR products, so I figured, why not switch it up a bit and let the HUBBY review one of them for you?! YAY!

In case you have missed the last couple posts, make sure to check them out when you get a chance:

Now, without further ado, here is a little question and answer session with Ryan (@Ruggedwoodsman).

Question (Carlee): Overall, what do you think about the PROBAR FUEL Bars?

Answer (Ryan): I like the fact that they have real bits of fruit in the bars (not just a flavoring). It seems like in a lot of the running world stuff, most bars or fuels are just fruit "flavored". I would give them two thumbs up and recommend them to anyone who asks.

Question (Carlee): What is your favorite flavor of the four (Blueberry, Cran-Raspberry, Strawberry, or Cherry)?

Answer (Ryan): I might be a little partial, but I like blueberry the best. And it tastes like real blueberries. {Side bar, when he was saying this, it reminded me of the quote from Willy Wonka "The snozberries taste like snozberries!"}

Question (Carlee): Give us your feedback on the bar. How is the size? Consistency? Does it fill you up?

Answer (Ryan): I like the consistency. It's a little dense, but still juicy. It tastes good cool or warm (meaning, if it is in your hand when you are running and it warms up a bit, it is still tasty). The size is great for working out or a quick snack. It's amazing that it's predominately chia seeds.

Question (Carlee): When did you use them in your daily life?

Answer (Ryan): I have used them as both a pre-run and post-run fuel. It works well because they can go in my pocket or inside of my hydration pack. They sit well in my stomach and I haven't had any issues with them. I have also started taking the bars with me to work in my lunch. I like that it's a healthy bar and seems better than just a granola bar.

Before heading out for our #Active4Asher trail run

Not only do the bars have fruit, but check out those cashew chunks!

Part of a well balanced lunch (PB&J, apple, string cheese, and a FUEL bar)

Great to grab as a snack while walking the pup to see the sunset

Don't get it twisted, Ryan doesn't do any of the cleaning, this was just to show
that I use them as a little pick-me-up while cleaning bathrooms too!

Question (Carlee): Anything else you would like to tell us about these bars?

Answer (Ryan): All the flavors are really good. As a designer, I like the bold colors of the labels (the packaging, boxes, etc). Overall - REALLY STOKED ON PROBAR!

And if YOU would like to give any of the PROBAR products a try (including the variety packs and even the gear), make sure to use my coupon code "MCCLURGC15" to save 15% off your orders!

Have you ever tried a PROBAR FUEL Bar before?

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Scarabocchio Girl said...

Not yet, because in Italy is not possible to find them. I've seen many on Instagram..maybe I should try them once! I hope they send overseas...