Tuesday, June 30, 2015


So if you follow me on Instagram (https://instagram.com/carleemcdot/), you probably noticed a few of my posts from last week had the hashtag #MyLockLaces. I have to be honest, I didn't want to bring too much attention to it before because I am selfish and didn't want more people entering the contest ;) #KeepinItReal

Anyway, LOCK LACES was having a photo contest (actually it is still going on - they are picking a new winner every week this month). You were supposed to photograph your LOCK LACES being used in everyday life and then use the hashtag #MyLockLaces. Easy peasy, right?! That's what I thought too! And the prize for last week? A GoPro HERO4!

So OBVIOUSLY I had to throw my name in the ring as many times as possible (without being too obnoxious of course!). It just so happens that I currently have LOCK LACES on 5 pairs of running shoes (and hubby has them on two pairs of his), so most of my running pictures I could tag ;) Below are the pictures I used as entries.

Ryan even entered himself with this photo from one of our many hikes during our camping adventure last weekend at Kern River.

Source: @Ruggedwoodsman's Instagram Feed

I was hoping that I could win, but knew it was a random winner (not who had the coolest picture or the most likes), so figured I would try to enter as many times as I could to better my chances, but really had no idea how many entries there were going to be.

The weekly contest runs from Monday through Sunday, so I knew the winner was going to be selected soon and was crossing my fingers and toes (and maybe my eyes) that it was going to be ME. Of course I was stalking LOCK LACES' social media, so when I got on their Facebook page this morning, LOOK WHAT I SAW...

Yup, I WON! I am sooooooooooooooooo stoked! Hubby and I have been talking about getting a GoPro for a while now and just haven't gotten around to it. THIS IS PERFECT! I think I literally let out a "Yipeeeeeee" when I saw it and physically ran to my phone to call Ryan to tell him the great news!

Oh yeah, and like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the contest is still going on. If you would like to enter, check out their Facebook page! This week's winner will win a free pair of running shoes (I mean, one can never have enough running shoes, right?!). 

Source: LockLaces' Facebook Page

And although I am THRILLED to have won the contest, I don't rock LOCK LACES because of things I can win (even though that is a nice perk), I really like the product (or else the hubby and I wouldn't have them on 7 pairs of shoes around the house!)! You should totally check LOCK LACES out if you haven't before. THEY ARE DA BOMB DOT COM! And I'm not just saying that! 

Do you enter contests?


Bain said...

You know we'll be expecting some things now that you can rock a GoPro...like #werunsocial event video clips for facebook and twitter and instagram...and Walt the Weiner Dog starring in his own show...

Anonymous said...

...or a Walt the Weiner Dog POV, where he wears the camera?

I'm thinking all of the above.