Monday, June 7, 2010


Ryan might be the only one excited about this premier tonight, but AMERICAN PICKERS starts up again tonight!! He loves this show.

From 'Pawn Stars' to 'Pickers,' America's trash is TV's treasure

There's a lot of trash on TV these days.

Not just the normal fare. Trash TV, "mantiquing," goodwill-store hunting or whatever you may call it is quietly gaining momentum among viewers captivated by secondhand merchandise, garage-sale finds, forgotten memorabilia and relics from attic stashes.

After only five episodes, American Pickers — which follows two guys trolling rural barnyards and back rooms for cool stuff with a potential market — is History Channel's No. 2 series, averaging 3.3 million viewers. Back-to-back episodes of History's Pawn Stars — which focuses on pawn-shop operators matching wits with cash-strapped gamblers and fortune-seekers — averaged 4.6 million viewers last week, both among cable's top 10 shows.

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Anonymous said...

yaaaay! and billy the exterminator on weds.!!!!

cpm said...

Oh no, and the ANACONDA?! Eeeeeekkkkkksssss!!!

Anonymous said...

Your uncle and I love to watch this show. also the one about the pawn shop in vegas!