Friday, June 18, 2010

Dress Code

No more panty-hose at Disneyland and other park changes

It was announced yesterday that Disneyland would no longer require its women workers to wear stockings. For readers who are under 30, stockings are leg coverings that cling like leggings but aren't nearly as comfortable. Think tights, but sheerer, prone to snags and generally good for one or two wearings at the most.

Disneyland, located in the desert bowl of Anaheim, California, gets blistering hot in the summer. Despite promotional material that would have you believe otherwise, the theme park is not close enough to the ocean to benefit from cooling breezes. Sometimes on crowded weekend days in August, there are even lines for a resting spot in the shade. For real, people.

So why has it taken Disneyland 55 years to become enlightened and give its female employees the right to bare legs in the heat? It gets even better: Women can also now wear open-toe shoes and even sleeveless tops -- as long as the shoulder straps are at least three inches wide. Men, by the way, may now wear their shirts un-tucked.

Disneyland spokeswoman said the company reviewed its clothing guidelines, comparing them with the dress codes at other Fortune 500 companies and decided to loosen things up a bit. Walt Disney the man was known for his conservative bent
and preference for what he described as the "clean cut" look. The dress codes -- implemented in the '50s -- reflected it.

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