Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Melrose Farewell

This past weekend was North Coast Church's last weekend on the Melrose Campus. [For those of you unfamiliar with North Coast Church - they have been in warehouses (yes, real warehouses in an industrial park) for the last 19 years. Larry mentioned in his sermon this past weekend that he has often been introduced when he has spoken around the country as the 'pastor with the crappiest facilities'. I think it is an awesome set up. We do video venues and split the venues by the worship music. CHECK OUT THE HISTORY OF NORTH COAST HERE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.] We went over to the new campus after the service on Saturday. It looks awesome. It will be cool to see the new campus open and active.

Chris gave a fact this weekend about North County. He said that a couple of years ago they had staffers call around to ALL of the Bible-believing, Bible-teaching churches in North County. They asked how many seats they had at their location and how many services they offer. They did the math (# of seats x # of services) and found that we are 441,000 SEATS SHORT! If everyone in North County WANTED to go to a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church on one weekend - almost half a million people wouldn't have a seat! Not that the new campus will have that many seats, but the point is to have more seats! We had reached capacity and were turning people away at the old campus, so we were in need of more space.

Watch the Farewell Sermon here.

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