Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Board

Ryan is pretty excited. He had been talking about wanting a new surfboard. He has a bunch of stuff that he doesn't use, so I told him that if he sold some of that stuff that he could use that money for a surfboard. He sold some of his stuff, so then he called up his friends at Chemistry Surfboards. He choose the colors he wanted and just got a call yesterday that THE BOARD IS DONE!! They sent him a picture of it, so of course I had to post it.

Ryan probably won't pick it up till next week (since he will have to get to their shop before they close and after he gets off work), so we won't have more pictures till then. I think it looks like a PICKLE, what do you think?!


Anonymous said...

it is soooo the crazy pickle II

Anonymous said...

hahaha totally a pickle. looks like a pickle slice you get a deli. i bet he's pumped :) _kev