Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earthquake on MLB

Shaky Ground

Southern California got a scare last night around 9:30 PST, as a moderate earthquake shook the ground from San Diego to Ocotillo. 'The Early Show' reports that the 5.7 magnitude quake was centered 85 miles east of San Diego, but could be "felt as far north as Los Angeles," yet produced "no significant damage or injuries."

CBS correspondent Ben Tracy takes us through the "sway by play" as the quake interrupted a baseball game in progress at Petco Park between the San Diego Padres and the Toronto Blue Jays. "We just had an earthquake boys," exclaims one of the baseball commentators during the turbulence, "Oh there it goes! Oh yeah you betcha!" According to 'The Early Show,' the quake is believed to be an aftershock from a larger 7.2 magnitude quake that occurred in April.

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