Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Winter Weather?

Spring Break Chill

March 20th marks the first day of Spring, but for vacationers on Spring Break in San Diego it feels more like winter.

Every year, thousands pack into area beaches for a week long celebration, but this year there's not much to celebrate.

On Pacific Beach, a wave of cold washes onto shore. Rainy conditions, even windy weather, prevails at this choice location for the party seeking crowd.

Weather that felt more like Winter rather than Spring.

The high on the first day of Spring registered 62 degrees. That's four degrees cooler than the normal temperature set on this day back in 1997 and one degree warmer than last year.

Boo whoo... It's 62 degrees and we are crying about it?! CRAZIES!! I mean sure, weather seems to be relative, so when it has been in the 80s and it drops down to 60 it is going to seem cooler than if it had been in the 40s and jumped up to 60, but still, come on people - IT COULD BE WORSE!! I am sorry for the spring breakers that were expecting sun, but it is still better than many places they could have gone :)

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