Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Relay For Life

As some of you know, in high school I played soccer. My soccer coach was an amazing woman, and still is. I had lost touch with her after high school (mostly my fault I'm sure), but have been able to catch up on her life as of late because I have found her blog through other blogs. Tami Moreno is an amazing woman of God, terrific friend, wonderful mother, and just an all around great person with a huge heart for those around her. As I had mentioned, I had lost touch with her during college and was unaware that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this past year. Currently Tami is heading up a team to do the Relay for Life back in Bedford. She is looking for people to donate. She mentioned that it has been hard to get donations because she has asked everyone to be on my team instead (and now her team is 37 people strong). I don't want to pressure anyone or make anyone feel guilty, but I did want to ask if you all would be willing to donate to the Relay for Life cause. This is a great cause that does some great work.

If you would be interested in donating in support of Tami, here are the steps to help:

1. Click on this link or copy and paste it into address line:

2. Right in the center of the page there is a little purple oval that says "Donate to a Participant." Click on it

3. That will bring up a "Participant search and Donate" screen

4. Enter her name - Tami Moreno and click search

5. This will bring up her name below the search box -click on her name

6. That will bring up her personal page

7. To the left of the picture, there is a spot to make a donation

8. Enter amount and click continue

9. Fill out form, click continue and follow any further instructions.


tamimoreno said...

Geesh :-) Thanks - you are a sweetheart. Made me cry dog gone it!!
Seriously though - I am proud of YOU! You have grown into a pretty amazing young lady!!
Thanks so much for posting this for me and for your own generous donation. You really made me day.

tamimoreno said...

you really made my day - not me day!! Ha.
Have a good one,