Thursday, March 1, 2007


Oh my goodness. So coming from Michigan, I am used to 2 lane highways, and in select places 3 lanes of traffic going in the same direction. Moving out to San Diego has opened my eyes to traffic, seeing some of the largest highways yet at 6 lanes. I was looking at the USA Times today and saw this article:

Cities Afraid of Death by Congestion
By Larry Copeland
USA Today
(March 1) -- A plan to widen part of Interstate 10 in metropolitan Phoenix from 14 lanes to 24 is the USA's latest giant superhighway proposal designed to ease the kind of gridlock that some planners say could stunt economic growth.

Are you kidding me?! 24 lanes? How would you ever get from the far lane to your exit in time? You would have to start getting over 3 miles before your exit. This is insane to me!!

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