Monday, March 12, 2007

GeoCaching Again

Ryan and I went out geo caching again (which reminds me, my mom asked how you say "caching" and I guess if you haven't heard of it before you might not know, so FYI it is pronounced 'caching = cashing' and 'cache=cash'). We found another 3, but were having some trouble with a few of the other ones, but we will overcome :) Enjoy the photos

Ryan at the Mini Park (I remembered seeing this in one of the caches online but we didn't know the coordinates so will go back to it)

Ryan's stoked face after finding the River Rock Cache

A close up of Ryan and the cache (tricky, huh? It was in a 'hide-a-key' that looked like a mini rock).

Me at the PSA Flight cache. You had to go to a tree that was growing in memory of a crash that happened over 30 years ago in Normal Heights (where I live) and then use the flight number to find the coordinates of the actual cache. When we were searching a neighbor was at her door and she yelled over "Are you guys geo caching?" We confirmed that we were and she then helped us by giving us 'hot' or 'cold' clues (like when you were a kid). FUN TIMES

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AntidoteGray said...

dude! GeoCaching looks sweet!!!