Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Helping out some troops

So living in San Diego, you hear a lot about the military (with all of the bases around the county). In North Coast's bulletin (the church I attend up in Vista with Ryan) this weekend there was a little ad for Welcome Home Packs. It said:

"We have 150 single Marines - men & women coming home from Iraq in April. These men and women return to a new barracks room, void of any supplies. We are collecting goodies for welcome home care packages, including basic items like soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, shaving stuff, movie tickets, fast food coupons, phone cards, blockbuster scrip, snacks...whatever you can think of that would welcome them back.You can purchase gift cards at the scrip booth, drop any items you purchase off at our Plaza Booth on March 17-18, or drop anything at the church mid-week. Any contributions would be great!!"

I thought at first I would make a basket for one of the returning Marines, but last night when I was laying in bed I thought that I would make all 150 of Marines coming back from Iraq a THANK YOU card. I know it may seem like a lot (yes I know 150 thank you cards will take a while), but I thought that it would be great if every single one of them returning would have a little personal, hand written note thanking them for all of their sacrifices. I counted all of the blank cards I had around the apartment and I only have 70 left (I write a lot of people random cards or notes) so I am going to go to the Dollar Store at lunch and pick up another 80 cards. I will probably still make a pack for one of them, but I thought this would be a nice little touch that hopefully would make them smile. Well, just thought it was a nice idea...

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sue p said...

I couldn't be any happier with how God is using you and your love and respect for others!!!!!