Monday, March 26, 2007

The Shooter

Saturday night Ryan and I met up with a friend of his, Gordon, and his girlfriend Alyssa. We went and grabbed some food at a pizza place in Vista, and then we were going to see a movie. Ryan wanted to see Reign on Me, but the other three of us thought it would be a downer, so Gordon suggested The Shooter. I think I might have seen 1 or 2 previews for it, but figured it would probably be okay. I wasn't expecting much because I don't tend to love action movies, but this was a good choice. It started Marky Mark and it was actually an intense and interesting movie. It had a good plot and quite a lot of blood. It was the type of movie my mom and I would rent - although I would suggest seeing this in the theater, it is good. Anywho, here is the website for the movie in case you want to check out what it is about before going to see it:

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Land Sea Collective said...

I want to be a shooter!!!! hehe