Wednesday, March 14, 2007


First - my grandpa. My mom called the office (because of course today has to be the only day I forget my cell phone) and said that my grandpa is out of surgery and that they were able to put one stint in for the artery that was 90% blocked, which is good. He has to stay in the hospital tonight so that they can monitor everything, so my mom will be staying with my grandma (since she is having troubles with her broken shoulder) and then they will go back down to the Toledo Hospital and pick him up tomorrow. I guess my grandma has two black eyes from the fall when she hit her head on the door, but she is doing okay.
Next - thank yous. I was able to get 15 thank you/ welcome back cards done at lunch. I could have done more, but I had to help one of our employee's wives with her insurance (he just passed away last week, so she has to go on a different insurance and things like that - it's pretty hard to deal with, especially knowing the whole story: He was fine and working on Saturday, felt sick Sunday, went to the hospital Monday, they put him in a drug induced coma on Tuesday and he passed away Saturday. He was only 49 and a great guy. I just wish there was more I could do for her. We took up a collection, and Cass is going to match the donation.).

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Ernie B said...

Yeah major stuff Carlee. Sounds like your dealing with health issues from both sides of country. Its not surprising your Dad isnt up to full speed, 9 days in the hospital will do that, but come spring he will be back to his normal self. So being in the postion that you are, dealing with deceased employment issues SUCKS. Ive been there and done it. SUCKS. Cause you want to do everything but limited in so many ways!
Since your are a believer in prayer, would you add Tracey Grigsby to the list, she found out she has cancer and they go Back to the doctor on Friday and they need all the prayers, Sam her husband in on the CCC Parking team and he is taking this pretty hard. Thanks Carlee!