Monday, March 5, 2007

Treasure Hunting

Ryan and I went GeoCaching this past weekend and got some good loot. Here are some of the photos:

This is the first Cache we found (To Shining Sea) (**Later Ryan made us go back because he put in those coordinates again rather than the next cache site):

This is the next one we found (Hop, Skip and a Jump) (We found a Travel Bug there, which is an item that is tracked on the website by a little token on the item - we picked up the Shoe of a Horse. The travel bugs all have missions in life, and the one we just got is to have its picture taken with horses, so before we drop it in the next cache we shoudl take a photo near a horse with it and then log it on its website):

The final one we found had some Budapest money in it, so that's what we took in exchange for a yo-yo:

Finally, this is a photo of Ryan as a pirate at Party City (he calls me his first mate and he thinks he is the captain when we go treasure hunting):

Just incase any of you were wondering, the 500 forint we found is only worth :

500.00 HUF = 2.57276 USD
Hungary Forint United States Dollars

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