Friday, March 2, 2007

Mending Friendships

So let me start with telling you my side of the story : My perspective on relationships - I will try until I don't get a reciprocation, and then hey, at least I tried right. I know it might not be the right perspective to have, but I guess in my eyes as long as I try and put the ball in the other person's court then I have done all I could do. I know that it probably isn't the right way to approach relationships (or the end of them), but it has worked for me in the past. I was confronted by a friend today about a friendship that we had let slide because of something along these lines. This friend was brave enough to try and approach me with this subject, and I would like to commend them. I also would like to publically apologize for anyone that I may have hurt by letting friendships slide because I have felt like I have 'done enough'. If a relationship is worth saving, then it is worth your time. I am sorry if I have hurt any of you. If you are courageous and would like to let me know that I have hurt you in the past, I am extremely open to it and would love to try and work on our relationship now. Again, sorry to those I have hurt and I hope to do better in the future with my relationships.

I guess this is just another stepping stone in the act of growing up.

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Ernie B said...

Well you have nothing to worry about, you have friends, does god say we have to have a certain number? NO Does GOD wants us to judge one another NO. So NO you dont need to think you have not kept up on the friendship role. 1 thes 5:17 pray contiunally and give thanks in all situations.