Thursday, March 22, 2007


There are not many things that I hate. I hate cucumbers (the smell even makes me gage) and gray days, but nothing too significant. There are things that I dislike, but I rarely ever use the word 'hate' in my vocabulary. I try to do my best to love everyone. I am not perfect, but again 'try' is the key word. There is one thing that I especially hate though, and I feel FINE using the term HATE. I hate ignorance. I hate it! While at work I often will look online for the news (whether it is the LA Times, NY Times, or the good 'ol Monroe Evening News). Today I was looking at the Monroe Evening News and read an article about a gay bashing. I CANNOT HANDLE THE INTOLERANCE PEOPLE HAVE FOR OTHER HUMAN BEINGS.

The story is about how the Michigan Legislation is trying to pass a bill that would give a higher severity to Hate Crimes and consider gay bashing in that category. I am so happy that Michigan is trying to take the steps and make everyone feel as though they are HUMAN. The fact that people are so ignorant and ..... um.... I can't even think of a good enough word that evokes my emotions on this subject. I don't understand how people can have so much hate for another person, just because they are different from them - Nazis come to mind when I think about it. AHHHHHHHHH. This subject just makes me so frustrated.

I would recommend watching The Laramie Project. It is a play that is about the Matthew Shepard that the article touches on. The play has been turned into a movie, and I have the DVD if anyone would like to borrow it. When one of my friends and I went to go see the play when it was at the University of Michigan Fred Phelps and his clan were there protesting the play. Their ignorance boils my blood.

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