Friday, November 4, 2016

Runners Not Running

I wish this was a fun post... like about how I have been doing all these super exciting things lately... but instead it is about the fact that my knee has been acting FUNKY so I have been cutting back my running...


On this past Sunday I ran the Rock 'N' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon with the hubby. My right knee started to feel a little tight during the second half of the race, but I figured it was due to the hills and didn't think much more about it.

We had a BLAST in our DIY costumes!

Monday I did a strength training workout, followed by 4 progressive miles. I was originally thinking I'd do 5, but cut it down because my knee was not super happy with me.

Since the hubby didn't start his new job until Wednesday, he rode
along with me as I ran and played paparazzi 

Tuesday morning I woke up early to head to the beach for an 8-miler but had to call it quits within the first mile and a half because I could tell my knee was NOT having it...

Sometimes listening to your body SUCKS!

Wednesday I took an unscheduled rest day and filled it with icing, an epsom salt bath, extra foam rolling, stretching, etc.

I can't handle ice baths, but if I can sit in an epsom salt
bath and it helps, SIGN ME UP!

Thursday it felt better (I no longer felt like I needed to limp when walking around) but decided to take it easy and biked.

My bike may not be fast, but it is definitely fun!

This morning I woke up ready to tackle the world. I didn't want to push it too hard, too fast, so figured I'd go for a 3-4 mile run and if it felt fine then I would do a longer run Saturday morning... Well, although the knee felt fine walking and biking, running was a different story. I'm sure the hills by our house didn't help, but still, within the first quarter mile I knew I needed to listen to my body (no matter how hard it was) and pull the plug.

Not my normal Garmin shot...

I thought I'd walk the rest of the 3-4 miles but once I stopped running the knee tightened up and I knew putting more strain on it would NOT be wise, so I turned around and made my way back home.

Forcing a smile on the walk back to the house...

Although I am super bummed that my knee is being wonky, I am very proud of myself for listening to my body. Normally I would push through and get in the mileage that I had planned for the day NO MATTER WHAT, but thankfully I have realized that is NOT the way to make running a lifestyle.

Once I got home I grabbed some ice and sat on the porch

Next weekend I will be heading to Las Vegas for the Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas 5K and Half Marathon, so I'd appreciate if my knee would get it together by then so I can do those races pain free (the nice thing about those races is that they are definitely not about the time on a watch, so if I need to take them extra easy I know I will be totally fine).

Who will I see at the meet-ups?! You know I'll be at both!

I am going to attempt to avoid a pity party for one this weekend and be appreciative that if I was going to have some issues that they occur before I started a serious training plan. (My next goal race is the Phoenix Marathon at the end of February, which means I need to start training soon, but I also know that I should start a training cycle 100% healthy, so if that means taking it easy for another week or two then that is what I will have to do.)


PS The pain is on the inside of my right knee. Earlier this week I thought it was due to my crazy tight legs (even with daily stretching and foam rolling they were super sore for some reason), but they feel loose today and the knee is still being a problem child. It feels sort of like I tweaked it or like a ligament on the inside of my leg is rubbing or tight along my knee. Since the hubby started his new job this week we might be between health insurance right now, but once we get everything sorted out I may have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor if it doesn't get better with all this R.I.C.E..

After my run fail I decided to go to the pool for a bit. I would stand in the cold
pool (like an ice bath, right?!) and then the hot tub... Who knows if my homemade
water therapy was helpful, but at least it felt like I was doing something.

Have you ever had issues with your knee? 


Unknown said...

I did at the beginning of the summer. It was on the outside of my knee(where IT band ends) and went into my knee cap. A sharp stabbing pain.After a month of it not getting better, I went to a chiropractor who does ART therapy( some of the pro runners in Flag use him so I knew I could trust him). Turns out my problem really wasn't my knee. I have a stiff right ankle and needed to strengthen my hips/glutes/quads more. So over time because of these two issues it resulted in that knee pain all of a sudden. After a summer of PT strengthening exercises, ART therapy, shock wave/laser therapy it is doing so much better and I am running well again. I just have to be diligent with all my exercises and stretching and warming up before I run. Especially that pesky stiff ankle. So if yours doesn't get better definitely go see someone when you can. Sending fast healing wishes :)

jenny said...

man that plain ole sucks that your knee is tweaking out on you ... hopefully the pain will pay attention the eviction notice you've sent it already.
I used to have problem knees all the time and low and behold the problem wasn't my knees it was my shoes! I used to play all the sports all the time and wore whatever shoes matched my 'fits best ... that was sure smart ... at least I looked cute (maybe!). it wasn't until I started running that I figured out I had to get fitted for shoes that were specific to my running style. Ever since I changed shoes BLAMO ... the knee pain is no more ... well ... and I lift weights 2x/week to strengthen all the supporting muscles. So long story long, lifting weights and wearing the right shoes= no injury for me.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you're injured Carlee :( I feel your pain as Ive been through a similar thing with my right knee. First I thought it as ITB strain & I had physio & did loads strengthening exercises. With the ITB pain eased I started running & the knee was playing up again. I went to see a physio who is a runner & he assessed my bio mechanics. He played back the video of me & it was obvious that I was dropping my right hip (plus poor posture) and forcing my knee to bare twice the load. I also had an MRI and it revealed I have a tear in my meniscus. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who said there is nothing that can be done surgically. There is no repair possible as the meniscus doesn't have its own blood supply. (He could remove the torn part but that would just leave me with less of a cushion) I was thinking all it would need was a simple stitch :( Anyway sorry for the long winded story... the outcome has been lots of hip, glute & calf strengthening and shorter runs slowly building up the kilometers/miles again. Learning to manage the pain and knowing my limits. I'm only new to running so was training for my first half marathon. Its been very frustrating but if I want to reach my ultimate goal I need to take the gentle approach. I hope your injury is something you can heal from fast, I just thought Id comment so you can consider lots of strengthening in case its your meniscus that's not doing what its told. p.s. I thoroughly enjoy your posts... running is so infectious & fun! Speedy recovery. Julie from Australia :)

Amanda @bephoenixfit said...

I haven't had knee issues before, but I have had trouble with my hip. It is SO annoying to have an injury when all you want to do is be active! Good for you for listening to your body and letting it heal, even when it's tough.

Unknown said...

I am just getting over something that I initially thought was my knee but turned out to be a glute/IT band thing. My chiropractor and massage therapist were able to work it out but it took awhile. I did acupuncture also which worked really well!!! It had been a frustrating battle.