Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas 5K Race Recap

This past weekend I spent with the hubby (plus a billion and a half runners) in Las Vegas. We went to participate in the Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas weekend (well, I was running and he was spectating).


I ran the 5K on Saturday night and the Half Marathon on Sunday night (they also offered a 10K and Full Marathon on Sunday night as well) as part of the Remix Challenge.


Last year was my first time running the #StripAtNight. I ran the Half Marathon with friends, as part of a self proclaimed #SD2LV challenge (where we ran the Silver Strand Half Marathon in the AM and then flew to Vegas to run the Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon in the PM). Since we were running in San Diego on Sunday morning, I wasn't able to join in on any of the other festivities that the weekend had to offer. This year, since the crew decided to opt out of a double race day, I knew I wanted to take Rock 'N' Roll up on their par-tays!

First up was the 5K on Saturday night. But what came before the race was costume prep - DUH! Vegas is a city where "anything goes", so I knew I needed to do something big... And what is bigger than the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign?!

I tried to get as ninja as possible for the clothes because what mattered was the sign...
Black on black PROs, black Handful bra, black Sparkle Athletic skirt, black #TeamSparkle
tank, black Sparkly Soul headband, black QALO silicone wedding band, black (and gray)
Momentum Jewelry wraps, and a black long sleeve (since last year it was rainy and cold).

Yup, I decided to run the 5K as a mini version of the sign - complete with battery powered Christmas lights and all ;)

Although I wanted it as accurate as possible, I still thought I needed to edit the
back to say "Run Carefully" instead of "Drive Carefully".

I figured the 5K would be filled with crazy costumes and extravagant ensembles. That was NOT the case. Don't get me wrong, there were a couple Elvi's, some slot machines, etc, but 99.9% of the runners were 'just' wearing running gear...

Love seeing Henry all over the place! And stoked for his wife,
who finished her VERY FIRST 5K that night! WHOO HOO!

Sorry about the picture quality... Night shots are difficult!

Well, I guess you can say I stuck out like a sore thumb... And every 5 steps someone wanted to take a picture with "the sign". The hubby joked and said we should have went down to The Strip with a cup to see how much money we could have made by taking pictures with the touristy - HA! But, really, the point of the creative costumes is just to bring a smile to those around me, so I guess you could say I succeeded.

I had mentioned it a few times on social media, but just in case you hadn't heard, the #WeRunSocial crew was planning on being out in full force all weekend - with meet-ups, donuts and selfies a plenty. Although it is difficult to grab night photos, we were able to snap a couple before heading to the corrals.

On our way to the #WeRunSocial pre-race meet-up, we saw some of our friends who work for Rock 'N' Roll. They said that they loved my costume and wanted me up in the front of the race so that they could snap a couple pictures before we took off. {It was pretty funny because we ended up having a corral to ourselves for a while.}

PS If you haven't watched the Facebook Live feed from the race, you should check it out below! Chris is THE BEST!

It was interesting being up in the front for the race. Obviously we were not there because we were aiming to win (but more as a photo opt for Rock 'N' Roll). Well, some of the faster runners around us didn't seem to appreciate this and made their feelings known by talking loudly about us "learning our lessons" or throwing elbows when they passed us... RUNNING IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN Y'ALL... REMEMBER THAT, FOLKS! WE ARE IN THIS THING TOGETHER!

Photo Credit: @andyroophoto610

Talking strategy.. "Can you run a 7:00/mile pace to the photographer?" "Yes, but I think the guys around us will be running 5:00/mile pace..."
"New game plan... Don't get trampled, k?" 

Even with a couple bad apples, we still had a BLAST! Brian, Dave and I were told we needed to sprint towards one of the RnR official photographers (which was about a tenth of a mile from the starting line) and then the game plan was to veer to the left, get out of everyone's way and slow it down. It was sort of like we were gazelles being chased down by a pack of lions... except running with foam core strapped to you makes you run anything like a graceful gazelle.

Photo Credit: @andyroophoto610

The course for the 5K was a bit rough. You start in a park, run around it for a bit, then head out to a street for a couple miles before coming back into the park to loop around a few more times. The street was pretty dark, uneven and not too exciting, but when you're running with friends (and as a Vegas landmark) you bring the party with you wherever you go!


We ended up running the 5K much faster than I was expecting (official finish time was 26:36), especially with two pieces of foam core hanging from my shoulders. (And, yes, before you ask, I did run the entire race with it on... But what is even more impressive is that it stayed together the whole night!)

PS Don't ask me why my estimated finish time was almost TEN HOURS... I think my bib number was legit one of the last four given out...

With a 6pm start time, we were pretty hungry afterward so hung out for a few to give high-fives and take a couple pictures, but quickly split so we could head back to our hotels to clean up before grabbing some food and drinks.

These two... they joke that they were my +1's all night, but really the hubby and I are HONORED to have them (and their families) in our lives!

I was afraid of the sign hitting me and the guys were afraid of spilling their beers...

Although Brian made a LOUD claim on RnR's Facebook Live feed about "beating the sign", I am happy to report that THE SIGN WAS VICTORIOUS! I beat both Brian and Dave by 1 second ;) Winner winner tofu dinner!

Thanks for capturing this beauty, Dave ;)

Even if the course wasn't anything to write home about, the race tee and bling were AMAZING! The medals GLOW IN THE DARK and the race participant shirts from this weekend are definitely my favorite Rock 'N' Roll shirts thus far!

Seeing as I ran the 5K as the sign, I needed it in my 5K medal shot, right?! 

PS Thanks to everyone who came by, said 'HI', snapped a photo, etc. It was a BLAST meeting you and bringing smiles to your faces! (I'll take the laughs as a compliment, k?!) Keep doing what you're doing because YOU INSPIRE ME!

Did you guess my costume before I revealed it?


ivieanne said...

Congratulations on beating your expected finish time!!!

SD Mom said...

One day...I will party on the Strip!

Heather @ 3 Black Cat Co. said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Unknown said...

Your costume was amazing! I was surprised last year by how few people dressed up as well. I felt like I stuck out as well but it was fun, so who cares!
That time is crazy impressive with that sign on. That's faster than I run a 5km when I'm trying.

San said...

OMG, Carlee, you really are the coolest :)

Chelsea Marrs said...

You definitely have an amazing costume for the run! Love how there was a front and a back, looks like such a fun run!

Chow Down USA

Unknown said...

Congratulations on beating that time! Looks like you had the best time! I'm like a winded armadillo when I try and run lol, this is inspiration to chanel that for sure!

Joti said...

I'm not a runner, but this run looks like so much fun!! I love dressing up, it would definitely be a persuading factor!! Love your outfit!

Marissa said...

This has been on my list for years! I'm so glad you had fun doing it.

coach-daddy said...

The enthusiasm you brought to this race is what running's all about. I'm a lightweight with just two 5Ks under my belt, but I know a good time when I see it. Keep on keeping on, Carlee.

Miel and Mint said...

Oh wow!!! Well done, lovely!! You can feel the energy and drive coming through in every picture and your writing!!! :D What an experience and look at your incredible outfit!!!! Wooohoo!! Well done, girlie <3
xox Nadia

Unknown said...

This looks like such a fun 5k!!! Lss Vegas does it best!


Tamara -

Lauren Ashley said...

How fun! Congratulations.
ps LOVE your outfit!

SveetesKapes said...

Congrats babe! Running a 5K itself feels amazing and running one in Vegas I am sure is a whole other experience and excitement. Looks like you had a great time.
xx, Kusum | said...

Girl, you are seriously so fun! I always love your costumes but this one takes the cake! Too bad not many people dressed up but how cool that you were like a celebrity!

Unknown said...

YAY that's so awesome congrats Carlee!! Your costume was super cool too, thanks for sharing all your pics!! - Mitra xo ‎

Sharon Wu of Style Lullaby said...

Looks like so much fun babe! I haven't been to Vegas in forever. Haha. Congrats on running the 5k! I wish I had the stamina to do it haha. Need to get back to working out for sure. Happy weekend darling <3 xo, sharon

Unknown said...

Wow good for you!! This looks really fun. In Vancouver, we have something called the Sea Wheeze, but it looks far less energetic than this.

Unknown said...

Okay, this looks SO fun!! Congrats on running a 5K! and love love love your costume!

xo Abby

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Helen xx