Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's sort of strange, I feel like this series should get a ton of views (because who doesn't love finding a new product/ activity/ event by the true endorsement of a friend), but it doesn't seem to happen that way. Oh well, thankfully for me, I blog for myself ;) and not for views, so here goes another FRIDAY FAVORITES - because I enjoy them ;)

Giving Back

Maybe it's just me, but the holidays tend to be a somewhat selfish time. Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a giving spirit in the air, but we get so wrapped up in all of the parties, gifts to buy, decorating, etc that we can often times overlook needs right in front of our faces. The hubby and I have been incorporating ways to give back around the holidays in our lives and, like the saying goes, giving is so much better than receiving. A couple of ideas, in case you need them, are to volunteer at a soup kitchen, ask your family members to donate to a charity in lieu of buying gifts, adopt a family in need, ask your party guests to bring non-perishable goods and bring them to a local shelter, etc. Obviously we should be doing this year round, but the holidays remind me of how blessed we truly are (and how little we actually "need"), so we try our hardest to remember those less fortunate than us around this time of year.

Christmas Tree Glow

Especially now that the sun is setting earlier every day (thanks to "winter" and that pesky Daylights Savings Time junk), I just LOVE the glow of Christmas lights. Since we will be out of town for Thanksgiving (we actually leave Tuesday morning to head to Yosemite for the week), we will be putting up our Christmas tree this weekend - and I am STOKED! We don't have a fireplace (I mean, although it would be fun, how often do you really need one in SoCal?!), the next best way to light a room is with your Christmas tree glow, #AmIRight?!

Blessing Bags

One of Ryan's cousin's, Leigh, started a tradition with her kids a few years ago, after her mom (Ryan's aunt) passed away. They put together "blessing bags" and drive around the Detroit area on Christmas Eve to give them to those in need. The bags contain everything from food to personal hygiene items, from gift cards to notes spreading love and hope. Although we have never been able to work it out so we can hand out the bags with the crew, we always make it a point to give something so that more people can be blessed. If you're interested in helping with the project, check out Leigh's GoFundMe HERE and give whatever you can (or make your own bags to give to those in your community).

Treasure Hunting

Since I am what some would consider an "injured runner", I am trying to stay active in other ways, like walking. Well, when you are walking you are going slower... and have more time to look down and check out the treasures that may be on the ground. I started snapping pictures of some of the thingamabobs I've picked up along my journeys.

What are you loving lately? 


Chelsea B. said...

Love love the glow of the christmas tree!

We are always finding funny things when we walk the dogs. It can be very entertaining.

Have a fun weekend!!! :)

NW Healthy Mama said...

Christmas Tree glow is my favorite too. We get ours the weekend after Thanksgiving and I'm so excited!