Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dear Running: A Letter of Gratitude & Thanksgiving

I know that most of us will spend the day being thankful for our families, our friends, our framilies {friends who have become family}, our jobs, our homes, our education, our health, our blessings, but I also want to take a moment to be grateful for something else which is also near and dear to my heart... RUNNING! I thought today was the perfect day to share my thank you note that I recently sent to the sport that has brought so much into my life.


Dear Running,

Thank you, Running, for all of the people you have brought into my life. When I originally picked you up, I was hopeful that you would be a fun hobby, but I never knew how awesome your community could be. The people you have helped me to surround myself with are some of my bestest friends. They push me, they believe in me, they encourage me, they allow me to be me, they accept me, they are exactly who I need in my life. And we all have YOU in common!

Just a few of the MANY, MANY, MANY AMAZING people I've met along my journey

Thank you, Running, for allowing me to find my confidence. There are still days that I waver and question myself, but having you in my life has helped immensely. From seeing my body for what it can accomplish rather than how it looks compared to a photo shopped image in a magazine to having the courage to chase after goals that are outside of my comfort zone - you have given me an inner strength that I have never known before, and for that, I am forever grateful.


Thank you, Running, for all of the amazing places you have taken me. From Santa Cruz to Orlando, from Eugene to Phoenix, from Anaheim to Napa, from Seattle to St. George, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, from San Francisco to San Diego. I love traveling and to be able to combine exploring with you has been amazing! (I mean, I may be a little bias, but touring a new city with you is my favorite way to see the sights and sounds an area has to offer!)

Thank you, Running, for allowing me to express my creativity. Although I may not be very artsy (okay, maybe I am, but I'm just not very talented at being artsy), you have given me an outlet to get my craft on. Pairing you with costumes has helped remind me that you are FUN, you are supposed to be ENJOYED, and to NOT take you too seriously! My costumes may not look professional, but, in my opinion, the DIY part is what makes them great.

Some of my recent costumes that I have run races in

Thank you, Running, for all of the fulfillment you have brought into my life. My ultimate fulfillment and purpose comes from the Lord, but being able to set a goal and see it through till the end brings a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that we often can take for granted.

Thank you, Running, for allowing me to work with some AMAZING brands. I've been floored by the companies who've wanted to team up with me (#BeyondBlessed), and it is all thanks to YOU! Had I not found you, I wouldn’t have found their products, be using them on the regular and have the opportunity to spread the word about their awesomeness. (They may make you easier, more fun or extra sparkly, but without you I wouldn't have stumbled across them.)

Thank you, Running, for being there even when I take you for granted, when I say rude things about you in anger, when I dread you, when I get frustrated with you, and even when I want to give up on you. You have always been there for me, NO MATTER WHAT, waiting patiently, with arms roads wide open, anticipating my return!

Thank you, Running, for not only what you do, but for what you ARE! You have given me a platform, you have given me a passion, you have given me peace of mind, you have given me pleasure, you have given me a push to pursue dreams that I never knew I had (or would be strong enough to tackle). Please know that I appreciate you more than I may ever say or be able to express. YOU ARE AMAZEBALLS AND I CAN'T SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH! 

Is it just me, or does running make you feel like flying?!




Joti said...

I have tried to get into running, but I have bad knees. Not to mention my endurance sucks. lol You are superwoman! Way to go.

San said...

I loved this. Running is pretty awesome!