Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walt Wednesday

All dogs (or people for that matter) have quirks. It seems like Walt tends to have more than most :)

Lately he has been carrying around Ryan's shoes with him. He doesn't chew on them or even bite them hard. He just seems to mouth them and carry them to where he is laying. One day I came home and he had two shoes and two flip-flops in his bed with him {I have tried asking Ryan to put his shoes away, but they still end up out by the front door sometimes}. It is sort of like he is hatching an egg. Or like he wants to have the comfort of Ryan's smell near him, although I am not quite sure how that works with sandals.

When I came home from work yesterday at lunch to let him out, I walked in and saw this:

Ryan had accidentally left our bedroom door open, and Walt actually "broke" into our closet, got one of Ryan's sandals, and brought it up on the couch with him. HA, Ryan actually put his shoes away and Walt STILL found a way...


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