Monday, December 30, 2013

Dating ABCs: J

Much like our H date where we delayed it a week due to being back in Michigan visiting family for Thanksgiving, our J date was delayed a week since we were in Michigan again for Christmas.

I have a HUGE confession to make - this year I had very little to no Christmas Spirit. If you know me, this is a BIG deal (I normally start listening to Christmas music in September and want to put up my tree in October)! There were many reasons as to why my Christmas Spirit was at an all time low, but we are going to keep this post positive and as upbeat as possible, so I won't go into them now.

Well, when we were back in Michigan visiting our families, we normally would have gone to see LOTS of Christmas lights (there is a house by my parents' place that sync their lights to music and we could sit there for at least 20 minutes to watch them and then Ryan's sister lives in Rochester Hills where they COVER the entire downtown - check it out if you aren't familiar), but things continued to pop up and we didn't make it to see any. {Thankfully we were able to hit up the Toledo Zoo when we were back for Thanksgiving to see the Lights Before Christmas.}

Ryan suggested for our J date that we go to Jamba Juice and go check out some Christmas lights (which he called 'Jingle Bells'). We have always wanted to go to some of the nearby neighborhoods that get ALL DECKED OUT, but have never made the time. Sunday was the perfect excuse to make it happen. 

We stopped by Jamba Juice for smoothies (which were easy to drink while we drove around the lights) and then went to Christmas Card Lane. Now since Christmas had already passed we weren't sure if they would still be on (even though the website said most houses stay festive till the end of the month), but thankfully the majority of them were lit. I took a few pictures of my favorite cards (as you can tell, they were mostly Disney ones that I liked). 

Waiting for our smoothies

I had Berry UpBEET and Ryan had Protein Berry Workout

Ry told me to be a WALRUS

Love promoting healthy living and an active lifestyle

Drink up!

Mike and Sully!

Mickey and Crew :)

Pooh and The Hundred Acre Woods

Jack the Pumpkin King!
I would LOVE to say that Jamba Juice and Jingle Bells helped cure my low Christmas Spirit, but it didn't totally fix it. It was still a nice time with the hubby (and Walt the Wiener Dog was a stow-away in the car trip too) after a hectic week of travel. Oh well, there is always next year, right? 

How was your Christmas Spirit this year?

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