Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Races

With today being the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR, I thought I would reflect back over my past year. 2013 was QUITE the year for races. This was my first full year as a ‘runner’. I wanted to do 13 races in 2013 and I am HAPPY to report that I kicked that goal’s booty - I did EIGHTEEN RACES this year!

Below are the races that I ran this past year (along with a link to the recap and a picture or two from the event).

[My first sub-2 hour half marathon]

WDW Royal Family 5K [February 23, 2013]

[My mom’s first race ever]

WDW Princess Half Marathon [February 24, 2013]

[Coast to Coast]

Hot Chocolate 15K [March 24, 2013]

Strawberry Festival 10K [May 26, 2013]

[Current PR]

Color Me Rad 5K [June 8, 2013]

[Very first triathlon - might have been my last ;)]

Disneyland 10K [August 31, 2013]

Disneyland Half Marathon [September 1, 2013]

[Ryan’s very first half marathon & a one year anniversary of my first]

Aloha 5K Run [September 7, 2013]

[Yep, I ran in a grass skirt]

The Color Run [October 12, 2013]

Escondido 5K Pumpkin Run [October 13, 2013]

Awesome 80s 5K Run [November 2, 2013]

Santa Mile [December 15, 2013]

[Walt the Wiener Dog’s first race]

San Diego Holiday Half Marathon [December 29, 2013]

Shoot, does that mean I shoot for AT LEAST 14 races for 2014?! Well, I already have 4 on the calendar between January 1st and March 23rd (one 10-miler, two half marathons and one 5K), so I guess I am well on my way. Upwards and onwards to next year! 


Unknown said...

Love this so much! Here's to a happy and run-filled 2014. :)

Unknown said...

Awesome! Congrats on a fantastic year of running. Please give triathlons another tri!!