Monday, December 16, 2013

Dating ABCs: I

Ryan has been telling me that he wants to play hockey for probably the past year and a half or two years now. I keep telling him that he has too many hobbies and not enough time (don't we all?!). Lately I have been able to fend off this plea by taking him to hockey games or letting him play hockey on the Wii.

The past few months he has really been pushing going ice skating! I haven't been skating in YEARS... and from what I remember I wasn't that great when I did it back then. "Things" just keep coming up and we haven't been able to make it happen. I think he even BEGGED us to all go ice skating when we were back in Michigan for Thanksgiving.

Well, I thought our "I" date would be a perfect way to knock it out! So on Saturday morning we got up, I went on a bike ride and he went surfing, then we met at home, went to a friend's basketball game, grabbed some lunch, came home to let the dog out, and figured we would head to open skate.

Now before we left I checked TWICE to make sure open skate was going on. It said 1:30-5:15 was open skate (and since we have church at 5:30, we figured we would try to go from about 2-4 and then come home and let the dog out before going to service).

We got to the ice rink and everyone was off the ice... Weird... So we asked the lady where we could get some skates. She told us that open skate ended already and we would have to come back after 8pm. I told her that the website said 1:30-5:15pm. She said that was for weekdays. I told her it showed it for Saturday as well this week. (One of the dad's that came in after us even mentioned that he saw that too...)


So, what did we do for our "I" date?! The next best thing of course.... ICE CREAM!!

We went over to Menchie's in San Marcos and ate ice cream outside in the 70* weather [yup, 70*s and sunny in mid-December, THIS IS THE LIFE]. I know, I know, it wasn't our first choice, but who can turn down ICE CREAM?! Not Ryan, that's for sure [he is Mr. Sugar Tooth]! 

Maybe now that ice skating fell threw we will HAVE to go over Christmas... Or maybe we can do it for our "S" date. 

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